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Plastic Chairs & Tables

Quality Plastic chairs and tables Suppliers

Organizing an event? You will need budget seating arrangements… At MTC, we provide you high quality plastic chairs and tables at most reasonable rates. We are leading plastic chairs suppliers in Kerala. Our products are manufactured on quality standards and they are strong, durable and tough.

Our plastic chairs and tables are produced in attractive shades and are most presentable. These products are manufactured using the finest quality plastics and they can be used for multiple indoor and outdoor purposes and event products. They are not spoilt or damaged even though soaked in water, thus qualifying them as the most ideal ones for diverse outdoor events even in the rainy seasons or hot, humid climate.

There are plenty of top features for our plastic chairs and tables propelling them as the best choices for seating.

  • Attractive design and colour,
  • Good strength
  • Cannot be broken or damaged easily
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Cannot rust
  • Lasting product
  • Does not fade or lose colour
  • Tolerant to highest grade atmospheric heat
  • Cannot be dismantled
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to transport
  • Most ideal for outdoor activities
  • Can be washed and cleaned easily
  • Comfortable for seating
  • Carries huge weight
  • Multi-purpose seating option
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy dusting
  • Safe for children
  • Stackable

MTC is among the leading  plastic chairs suppliers in Kerala. We provide the finest quality plastic tables and plastic chairs in Kerala. Our products are most ideal ones for all outdoor events, gatherings, parties, conventions, meetings, political assemblies, marriages and receptions, community events held outdoors etc. MTC’s products are the top choice of event managers and organizers. Our finest plastic chairs and tables are widely used in homes, schools, kindergartens, playschools, hotels, kitchens, restaurants, cafes and for other outdoor seating purposes.