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Best Meat Grinder Machine

The best Catering products Dealer in Kerala  - MTC Kerala - can manufacturer every conceivable appliance, utensil or device to prepare, store and serve food at large scale gatherings for major events. Having been in the industry for some time now, every aspect of mass catering is covered, right from the preparation of food to serving it hot to guests. This requires a variety of appliances, utensils and tools all of which are manufactured or fabricated by us.

The Malabar Trading Company, Kerala, provides the most efficient commercial meat grinders in the catering sector. They are durable, fast and versatile.

The generic machine is simple but multipurpose at the same time. It can be used at home, butcher shops or restaurants routinely. However it is the perfect machine for public event catering services. It is ideal for the optimum economical and practical benefits the caterer can achieve.

At its basic configuration, it sports a 1.5 HP motor capable of grinding 150 Kgs of load per hour. Operating on 230 Volts, it is a fine investment for returns on cost and overheads. It has a motor of 1100 watts, which provides speed and efficiency. It can handle medium to heavy duty loads at a pinch. It could be a fixture in home kitchens but the volume of food produced to keep the operation at optimum level is too high for domestic needs.

Top Meat-Mincer Supplier in Kerala

MTC is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of event management products. From concept to delivery, the supply of products is a smoothly oiled process. Premium quality products of both Indian and International brands are catalogued and offered.

MTC operates through an elaborate network of in-house manufacturing units, out-sourced manufacturing units, vendors, warehouses, transport services, distributors and retailers. We are a professionally reputed company delivering sterling services and products.

Our products are supplied under assured warranties, and we have a dedicated after sales service department to promptly respond to repair or maintenance issues.

Our products are competitively priced and delivered at home.