Wimbledon Chair

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Wimbledon Chair

Add luxury and comfort to your space with these magnificent folding Wimbledon chairs at unbeatable price and quality provided by Malabar Trading Company Wimbledon Chairs are a great solution for weddings, parties, and functions and are extremely popular for many outdoor weddings and events. Wimbledon chairs easily fold away which makes them easy to store and transport. Make sure you choose the Wimbledon as your new outdoor event, club or poolside seating solution. A must have for any outdoor wedding.

  • Powder Coated GI Frame
  • Foldable & Portable Chair
  • Cushion provided with Velcro straps
  • Extremely popular for Garden events
  • Compact storage space, Safe, Strong & Durable
  • Easy transportation when folded
  • Dimensions : 81 x 46 x 44 CM
  • Seat Dimensions : 34 x 30 CM
  • Weight : 6.7 Kgs
  • Made in India

Wimbledon Chair in Kerala

Wimbledon chairs are high-quality folding chairs. These chairs are the best preference for garden wedding ceremony and reception. The chairs are widely used for garden reception, garden wedding ceremony, special functions and outdoor events. Wimbledon chairsallow you to choose the cushion color of your choice and you can plan the selection based on your occasions and its suitability for your diverse purposes. These chairs are strong and durable and ideal fit for comfortable seating. The chairs can be used for multiple purposes and are ideal fits for your requirements such as best seating for outdoor seating.

A special feature of Wimbledon chairs is its fortified rear legs. These unique, patented and strengthened rear legs provide it good safety and durability. There are more special features for Wimbledon chairs.

The special features of Wimbledon chairs are:

  • Great option for saving space
  • Can be stored easily
  • Transported easily
  • Better option than plastic chairs
  • High quality and durable

Wimbledon chairs are manufactured with international standards thus, the quality and design are exceptional.

MTC is a leading Wimbledon chair supplier in Kerala. We are the leading Wimbledon chair manufacturer and Wimbledon chair supplier providing excellent quality chairs, unique and durable.

Wimbledon Chair Manufacturer & Supplier

At MTC, we understand that the Wimbledon chairs are most ideal for your purposes. Thus, we manufacture and supply the top quality chairs that are lasting and serve your purpose well.

Our supreme quality Wimbledon chairs in Kerala are finding their right place in auditoriums, convention centers, and for all kinds of outdoor events. As leading Wimbledon chair manufacturers and Wimbledon chair suppliers, we are trading these chairs to educational institutions, and event management companies. They collect the chairs from us and use them in all outdoor events.

For weddings, Wimbledon chairs are used with back cover and bows or ribbons to give them the most stunning look. These chairs are accepted as the most ideal fits for outdoor activities. During sports events, Wimbledon chairs are arranged for the spectators and they can be comfortably seated to watch the events in progress. These chairs are tough and are seldom damaged during transportation. For its durability, multiple purpose, Wimbledon chairsare finding its applications for several purposes. They are ruling the preferences of the events managers over plastic chairs and other categories of chairs. They are not damaged on exposure to moisture or water as wooden chairs. For its many merits, Wimbledon chairs are the better choices for events and the ultimate option for outdoor events.

Now, for your weddings, reception or outdoor events, you can contact MTC, Wimbledon chair manufacturers and Wimbledon chair suppliers in Kerala. We are pleased to provide you specified numbers of Wimbledon chairs manufactured and supplied by MTC adhering to unsurpassed international standards and stringent quality policy.

Why choose us ?

At MTC, we have won good recognition among our clients for quality assurance. We have acquired good repute as top Wimbledon chair manufacturersandWimbledon chair suppliersand are striving further in our target to excellence. We are continually trading high quality Wimbledon chairs to clients and are even qualifying to global quality expectations. Our products are tough and last for years. With our promise in quality, we have built an extensive clientele and continually serve them with our supply of products specifically Wimbledon chairs.

Our Wimbledon chairs are affordable and you will be truly benefited with our products. Our sole business goal is winning the satisfaction of customers and building lasting business relations with them. Our scrupulous quality adherence has been helping us build bonds with clients and we are furthering our business target with the commitment to customers.

MTC focuses on building trust and loyalty with customers and since our inception, we are confirming on quality. Our quality confirmation has been helping us build our brand, transform our business prospects and gain a niche in the national market. We are leaping ahead to mark our presence in the global market and all factors related to the same have been favorable. With our international standards of manufacturing, we are able to sustain competition and get an edge over other brands in the same category.

MTC is envisioning good success ahead and want to get ahead, progress with our products. Our strife is to gain a niche in the global market and confirm the success, wide acceptance of our premium products specifically Wimbledon chairs. In the impending future, we target business expansion and global outreach for our brand. We target to introduce our Wimbledon chairsto the widest target audiences and help them explore its best purposes and top utility. Connect with us and discover our excelling product.

If you require Wimbledon chairs in Kerala for all your occasions, you can freely contact us. We will connect with you soon and settle your requirements within the briefest spell...