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Canopy Tent

Canopy tents are overhead structures with a fabric or metal cover that serves to be protective under weather conditions. Usually the Canopy tents have no floor. Fabric canopy tents are extensively used for outdoor events by educational centers and for other activities. The fabrics used in Canopy tents are durable, easy-to-clean and flame-retardant. Canopy tents are protective cover ideal for an array of events. With plenty of outdoor activities and events in progress, Canopy tents are in great demand. Mostly outdoor events are disrupted even at the fall of mild rain or due to heat. So if you are planning you events at sultry hours, at noon heat or when precipitation is high, then the cover that Canopy tents can offer is most important.

Canopy Tent Manufacturer and Supplier in Kerala

Find high quality Canopy tents at MTC. We have the best Canopy tents that can be used by educational institutions or other clients for their diverse requirements. We are leading Canopy tents manufacturers and Canopy tents suppliers in Kerala; we have the right products that serve your requirements.

Educational institutions and universities are widely using Canopy tents during events. The best feature of the Canopy tents are its protection and re-usability. To get your Canopy tents easily, you can simply reach out to MTC as we are popular Canopy tents manufacturers and Canopy tents suppliers in Kerala keen to provide our products for exploring its benefits and best applications.

We manufacture Canopy tents from best material and ensure that our product is lasting, tough and of best use to you. We already have a leading clientele who are more than satisfied rather impressed with our product standards. We manufacture and supply top quality Canopy tents to our clients in all industry verticals. Our quality assurance has propelled us to fame as leading Canopy tents manufacturers and Canopy tents suppliers in Kerala. Our strife is to revel in excellence and build our repute as a trusted name in Canopy tents manufacture and supply.


We are among the leading Canopy tent manufacturers near you. You can freely use our durable, multi-purpose Canopy tents manufactured and supplied specifically for educational institutions. Our good quality Canopy tents can be used for plenty of academic events such as educational shows, extra-curricular activities, sports and entertainment events for tents portable houses, picnics, car shelter, camping, exhibitions etc. Come home to the top Canopy tent suppliers in Kerala.

There are good reasons why you can trust our brand of canopy tents. Here are the top features of the best Canopy tents we supply:

  • Good quality
  • Easy  for installation
  • Durable
  • Protection against heat and rain
  • Affordable
  • Strong structure
  • Multi-purpose utility
  • Tough and lasting
  • Available in good designs and sizes
  • Convenient and portable to carry
  • Ideal for all outdoor events

  • 10 x 10 feet / 3 x 3 meter portable and foldable gazebo tent with 4 step height adjustment.
  • Strong and high quality Frame, waterproof fabric can be used in all weather conditions
  • Super convenient and portable, can be carried on a scooter
  • Best suited for outdoor events, car shelter, picnics, camping, exhibitions etc