Chiavari Chair

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Chiavari Chair

  • Stackable up to 12 Chairs
  • Weight : 4.5 KG 
  • With Cushion
  • High Quality Imported Chair
  • Double support on leg
  • Colors available : Gold, White
  • Moulded Iron Sheet for seat

Best Quality Chiavari Chair in Kerala

Chiavari chairs are among the most elegant products of furniture - from the Oscars to wedding receptions and Auditorium purposes, these grands chairs are widely used. Now, you can find attractive chairs from MTC, Chiavari chair manufacturers and suppliers in Kerala. You will find stylish chairs in celebrity weddings…Now, get these same elegant chairs at your weddings and receptions. Our Chiavari chairs are the most durable and high quality. You can order them now and use them occasionally as per your requirements and needs.

We understand that Chiavari chairs exude class and sophistication. Thus, we uphold the responsibility of providing you the elan, classic chairs as the leading  Chiavari chair manufacturers and suppliers in Kerala.

Chiavari chairs are also called Tiffany chairs. These chairs are so comfortable that seating is pleasurable even without any cushion.

Chiavari Chair Manufacturer & Supplier

MTC is famed as the top Chiavari chair manufacturer in Kerala. With our control over production, we are able to produce Chiavari chairs in huge numbers to manage demand. As leading Chiavari chair suppliers in Kerala, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers and deliver them the required number of products.

Originally, Chiavari chairs are from Italy. But, now we can provide you with these solid chairs manufactured in Kerala. At MTC, we are among the Chiavari chair manufacturers in Kerala.  Due to the demand for the popular chairs, we are among the major Chiavari chair suppliers in Kerala.

Why Us?

MTC is now the leading Chiavari chair manufacturer and supplier in Kerala. We deliver excellent quality chairs to meet our client's requirements. Clients reach us for our best chairs as we are among the few Chiavari chair suppliers in Kerala. We provide premium quality chairs. Our finished product is strong and tough. Our quality chairs are solid against impact and strain. You will find our supreme quality chairs best compared to other kinds of chairs manufactured from wood, plastic, or other materials.

With our expertise in producing Chiavari chairs, we are able to satisfy a diverse clientele nurturing loyal devotion to the brand and helping them find the products easily through our easy availability efforts. Find our collection of excellent finish Chiavari chairs designed and sculpted at our own manufacturing unit in Kerala.

Reach us at MTC and we will assist you in finding excelling quality, well-fashioned Chiavari chairs created to serve your purpose and seating demands as customers.